Strictly Business: Performance Specs , Performance Credits

Performance Specs

Peter's perfomance can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Length of performances can range from 12 minutes to 60 minutes in lenght. If two different shows are required, then it is recommended that each performance does not exceed 45 minutes.

He can be a featured headline performer, an opening act, or a short high energy segment injected into a production show or revue show.

Options For Musical Accompaniment

Expandable musical arrangements between 1 piece (piano and keyboard) and 7 pieces (with options for more than 4 horns).
The latter instrumentation is:

bass (bass guitar preferred)
1 trumpet
1 trombone
first saxophone (tenor)
second saxophone (alto, doubling on clarinet and flute)
The second saxophone part is optional.

A performance using prerecorded backing tracks is possible.

Peter can perform solo (unaccompanied).

Peter travels with a Sennheiser EW 100 G3 (lavalier) wireless microphone attached to the banjo which plugs into the sound system of the venue. He needs another microphone on a boomstand for speaking. It is preferable to have a sound technician running the sound system, especially when backing tracks are used. Peter has a Denon-DN-F 300 track player which plugs into your sound system with either an XLR cable or 2 RCA jacks. The tracks are stored on a USB memory stick.

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